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Popular First Birthday Party themes for 2024

There are so many ways to celebrate your baby's first birthday and a cute theme is a must! I can't tell you how many colors, decorations, and great party favor ideas I've seen over the years delivering our soft play rentals to first birthday parties. Now that my youngest is almost nine years old, I miss all the adorable themes. Here are the ones I've seen the most:

  • Baby in One-derland or Baby’s first One-derland (Alice in Wonderland theme or replace “baby” with child’s name)

  • Winter One-derland (winter or snow themed)

  • One-in-a-Melon (Summer themed or CocoMelon themed)

  • Hole in One! (golf theme)

  • One in the Sun (beach themed)

  • Berry First Birthday (Strawberry shortcake themed)

  • First Trip Around the Sun (space-themed)

  • First Bee Day (Yellow, white, gray themed)

  • Wild One (Safari-themed)

  • Notorious One (Hip-hop themed)

  • One with the Force (Star Wars themed)

  • One Cool Cat/Are you Kitten me right now (cat themed)

  • Fierce One (shark theme)

  • Holy Guacamole! _____ is turning one (avocado theme)

  • One-der Woman (super-hero themed)

  • Sweet One (candy themed)

  • Mr. One-derful (prince or royalty themed)

  • Mrs Ond-derful (princess or royalty themed)

  • One-der the Sea (Ocean or mermaid themed)

  • Groovy one (daisy and 70s color themed)

  • Home One (baseball theme)

  • Aloha, Little One (Hawaii theme)

  • One Little Cutie (orange themed

  • One I am (dr seuss themed)

  • Lucky One (4 leaf clover themed)

  • Catching a Big One (fishing theme)

  • Donut Grow Up (donut theme)

  • First Down / First Year Down (football theme)

  • Some Bunny is One (rabbit themed)

  • Air Force One (military themed)

  • One Happy Camper (camping themed)

  • Look Who’s One (Owl Theme)

  • One-ce Upon a Time: (Fairytale time)

  • And One to Grow On (flower themed)

  • Bearly One (teddy bear themed)

  • Hoppy First Birthday (kangaroo themed)

I'll update this post with pictures later. I just wanted to get these up without delay for those already in planning mode!

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