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Soft Play Parties is a business that grew from a little idea

seed that was planted when our last child celebrated her 1st birthday...(tear drop).

Well, really it was because as busy parents, we didn't know how to keep our older kid and

his friends from terrorizing our 2 younger ones at her party.  We thought to ourselves,

it would be great if we could have an area that was just for the little ones, for the babies and toddlers.  Although my older kid loves the bounce houses, my other two were just too small to jump. Soft play was the answer.  We have had many of our own soft play parties for our little ones and received such great compliments from our guests. We knew this would be the perfect business for us.  Also, it gave us a chance to explore our more creative selves. Me being a nurse and my husband working as an engineer in the same hospital, we needed an escape from our stressful work environments.  Now, we are fulfilling our dreams of becoming business owners and in doing so, we provide this great service to other busy moms and dads as well. We know how expensive parties can be, so we believe we have done our best to ensure a selection of soft play party packages to fit every budget.  We've also chosen the best equipment in the market, free from phalates and BPA because we care about your children's safety as well. We hope you will choose us not only for the great parties we provide but also because we love what we do.

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